With so many Driving Schools around these days, unless an instructor is recommended to you by a friend or relative it’s difficult trying to find the right one for yourself.

Learning to drive is a serious financial investment so picking the wrong driving instructor could prove a costly mistake.
The good news is that you are on the web site of a good driving school in Pontypridd that wants the best for you. I teach from beginners through to to disqualified drivers, needing to do extended tests to regain their license. You can take standard 1 hour lessons through to Intensive driving courses, depending on what you want,

You can be picked up at home, workplace, college or school, whichever is convenient for you,

Some driving schools offer really cheap driving lessons. This seems good at the time but it normally means taking more driving lessons meaning more cost and longer to pass. Properly structured driving lessons mean you’ll need less driving lessons and pass the driving test quicker.

I want you to enjoy learning to drive properly, safely and in the quickest possible time that your ability allows, while having fun on the way. Please take a look at the pupil review page to see some happy people who have passed with the driving school recently.

I teach using the full Driving Standards Agency syllabus. You’ll get a progress record driving lesson handouts and the DSA Official Guide To Learning to Drive. Driving lesson handouts include everything you need from beginner to driving test standard. Starting with the cockpit drill and controls, moving and stopping, junctions, crossroads, roundabouts, emergency stop, every manoeuvre and many more besides...

This all helps to show you how well you are doing on every driving lesson

You’ll always know what stage you’re at in your driver training

Brian Cochrans Driving School